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Sources of More Information on Transsexuality and Gender Issues

Available on the Web

Norman Spack, MD
Pediatric Endocrinologist at Children’s Hospital has written a thoughtful piece on transsexuality in the Fall2005 issue of Lahey Clinics
Medical Ethics Newsletter http://www.lahey.org/NewsPubs/Publications/Ethics/JournalFall2005/Journal_Fall2005_Feature.asp

Wikipedia - (on-line encyclopedia) has a wealth of information on Transsexuality

IFGE (International Foundation for Gender Education) - A advocacy and educational group for the transgendered http://www.ifge.org

NCTE- National Center Transgender Equality http://www.NCTEquality.org - A national transgender advocacy group

MTPC - (MassachesettsTransgender Political Coalition) http://www.masstpc.org - Massachusetts advocacy group devoted to protecting the rights of the transgendered

Fenway Community Health Clinic (Boston)Transgender Services Page (with excellent Links) –


Helen Boyd – My Husband Betty - Designed as a primer/support for spouses of crossdressers, this book covers the current medical theories/controversies regarding transsexual and transgender issues better than any I’ve seen. Does not pull any punches.

Helen Boyd - She’s Not the Man I Married - A poignant look at the Helen’s marriage to Betty. How her love and support for Betty collide with the uncertainty of Betty’s personal journey and Helen’s own needs as a heterosexual woman, makes for captivating reading.

Jennifer Boylan - She’s Not There – Professor at Colby College who transitions from male to female while she’s the chairman of the English Dept.  Depicts some of her struggles to find her identity while maintaining her family. Easy and, at times, humorous reading. If you can catch her at a book reading for her upcoming book (2008) “I’m Looking Through You” you will surely experience a treat.

Jamison Green- Becoming a Visible Man – Best autobiographical book on transsexuality that I have read.  Jamison is a transman but what he says will get you into the head of a transsexual like no other book can. 

Kate Bornstein - Gender Outlaw – Freewheeling, quixotic but informative romp through the transgender world.

Randi Ettner, PhD – Gender Loving Care – Designed for the health professional, this book give a compact yet comprehensive primer.

Randi Ettner, PhD – Confessions of a Gender Defender – Interesting snapshots of transgendered patients that Randi has provided care for.

Mildred Brown, PhD and Chloe Roundsley – True Selves – Good basic primer on transsexuality. Covers effects on friends and family well. Suitable for the lay or professional reader but I prefer Gender Loving Care.

Arlene Istar Lev, CSW-R- Transgender Emergence – A tome on transsexuality designed for the therapeutic community. She’s a wonderful woman but I could not get through her discussions of gender theory.

Noelle Howey – Dress Codes- At times, interesting book that revolves around the life of a young woman who grows up with a very unpleasant transsexual dad.  The second part of the book (after the father’s transition to living as a woman) is the most worthwhile.

Mary Boenke, Editor - Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones - Enlightening stories written by the family members of transgendered people.

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